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Artificial Intelligence
Automated Cultivation

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by Acidwater 


What is FlurishAI?

Dive into a world where technology meets nature, unlocking unprecedented plant growth automation and monitoring capabilities with FlurishAI. Developers, get ready to explore a platform where innovation and cultivation converge, offering an intricate API that integrates seamlessly with Acidwater's cutting-edge Grow Spaces or your bespoke cultivation systems. FlurishAI is not just an AI; it's a gateway to enhanced plant growth, enriched by real-time monitoring and automation that's powered by the intricate weaving of GraphQL and WEB3 technologies. Extract, manipulate, and analyze data with ease, customizing FlurishAI's intelligent algorithms to your specific needs. Beyond mere plant growth, we're nurturing an ecosystem of advancement, collaboration, and success. Join us in sowing the seeds of tomorrow, where each sprout is a testament to the power of united intelligence.

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Who is

Acidwater, Inc. is fundamentally an AI company focusing on developing FlurishAI. The core product, Grow Space, serves as a product and a means for data collection to enhance the AI's capabilities. The simulation integrating a century of plant growth and weather data is a cornerstone in training and evolving FlurishAI to optimize plant growth in various environmental conditions. Every aspect, from the AI to the grow tents and the simulation, is intricately connected, with FlurishAI being the central element of the company’s identity and mission.

Computer Programming


FlurishIoT Cloud revolutionizes the integration of DIY projects with artificial intelligence. It's a platform inspired by the flexibility and creativity of Arduino Cloud, tailored for professionals and hobbyists alike. This seamless environment facilitates real-time interaction between your innovative DIY creations and FlurishAI. Every piece of data, every insight is instantly available, enabling FlurishAI to enhance, learn, and adapt to a multitude of scenarios and applications. It’s where ingenuity meets intelligence, ensuring your projects not only connect but thrive in the era of AI-driven solutions.


FlurishAI’s advanced simulation utilizes over a century of plant growth and weather data, offering an unparalleled resource for innovation. It’s where technology meets nature, enabling the AI to learn and adapt with precision, turning insights into action efficiently. Experience the evolution of agricultural technology, where data-driven decisions lead to optimized outcomes.

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